Benefits of off-peak charging

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Why do I need The Eco7?

Get the cheapest Economy 7 electricity now


Economy 7 tariffs are cheaper than other standard price plans, because they use most of your energy at night, when electricity costs less. The off peak night time is often a seven hour period, which is why we called it Economy 7.

Eco7 Smart Charge Connection Diagram



  • Description

    Eco7 Batt Connection Centre

  • Input Volts

    Nominal input voltage single phase 240V 50HZ

  • Max Load

    20 amps (up to 32 amps)

  • Cable Entry Facility

    3 x 32mm Diameter

  • Terminal Capacity

    Incoming Live = 25mm2

    Outgoing Live = 6.0mm2

    Incoming Neutral = 25mm2

    Outgoing Neutral = 6.0mm2

  • Dimensions

    256mm x 206mm x 81.2mm

  • Weight

    approximately 2.7kgs

  • Weight

    approximately 2.7kgs

  • Enclosure

    Iron Powder Coated

  • Ingress Protection


  • Warranty

    The Eco7 is guaranteed for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is limited to the replacement of faultycomponents only.



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